Tasting Is Believing: Georgetown Cupcake Comes to Boston

Tasting Is Believing: Georgetown Cupcake Comes to Boston

We’ve already told you that we at The Kensington like pretty things. But when you offer us something that’s lovely to look at — and delicious, too — well, you’ve won a friend for life.

The elaborate treats at Georgetown Cupcake first found fame among viewers of a hit reality television series on the TLC network. But you have to actually taste these gourmet cupcakes to believe them.

We know a local pastry-chef-in-training who has raved for years about the sampling of chocolate ganache, vanilla and red velvet cake flavors she received for her birthday from the flagship store in DC. So you know we’re thrilled that Boston has a Georgetown Cupcake location to call its own — and it’s practically on our doorstep!

The depth of the menu here is truly amazing. And, yes, it’s all cupcakes. (Who knew you could make something so delicious from Earl Grey tea?) Stop by and enjoy a bite-sized but decadent, fresh-from-the-oven cake that’s intensely flavorful. Bonus tip: Their gluten-free options are said to be just as mouth-watering.

When you arrive at the storefront, don’t be intimidated by a long line. They move customers through fast and are super cheerful about the whole thing. And once you have those cupcakes in hand, you’ll see they’re almost too gorgeous to eat. But not quite.

Georgetown Cupcake is located at 83 Newbury Street. You can reach them at 617-927-2250.

Image: Facebook