Plug In and Connect At The Kensington

What better time to connect than now? With technology increasing it’s limits on a daily basis, The Kensington has made an accessible area for it’s residents to connect. The Unplugged club at The Kensington gives residents a quiet e-lounge to read a book, listen to music and allow creativity to flow.

It is even better because it gives you an opportunity to get out of your apartment room and enjoy the company of others, while you dive deep into your newest novel. Luckily, you no longer have to venture far from home to enjoy a coffee shop vibe. You will feel at home with this spacious area reserved just for you and your creativity. Residents come to Club Unplugged for all sorts of electronic reasons like finishing the days work and reuniting with their technological partners. Other residents just enjoy the view while flipping pages on their tablet.

Whatever your device, sip a hot cup of coffee with your headset plugged in and your feet up at The Kensington, where each space feels like home.