Work Off Calories at The Kensington Inneractive

Getting in shape has never been so easy with a state-of-the-art facility in your own home. The Kensington offers a fully equipped gym and yoga studio, Inneractive, for their residents.

Train for the next marathon, meet new friends and burn calories all inside your luxury apartment building. The Kensington makes life easy for you by providing feature amenities like it’s own gym and yoga studio. The yoga studio has different classes and times for yogis to choose from. If you rather get in the zone on your own, you are free to visit the Inneractive studio whenever you’d like. Practice your tree pose and come to peace with your busy day in complete silence and serenity.

Trying to tone your body? Hit the gym and try exercises like circuit training or weight lifting. Partner up with a friend to keep the motivation going and the calories burning. Here are a few fat-burning exercises you can try:

The kettlebell swing is a full body workout. Begin by standing up straight, with shoulders back. Lean down into a deadlift, swinging the kettlebell between your legs. Push the kettlebell back through and lift to shoulder-height. Use your legs to get the momentum you need to lift that kettlebell high.


Image Source: Shape

The Marching bridge is a great way to sculpt your bottom half while strengthening your core. Start laying down with a flat back. Slowly lift your spine one vertebrae at a time, thrusting your pelvic bone upwards. Lift your left leg and bring it into your chest. Hold for a few seconds and slowly drop back down. Repeat this movement ten times on each leg.


Image Source: Shape

For more body-toning exercises and workouts, visit our Inneractive Pinterest board.