Gone to the Dogs: Local Pet Supply Store Fish & Bone in Boston

Gone to the Dogs: Local Pet Supply Store Fish & Bone in Boston

If you’re one of The Kensington’s resident pet owners, you’re giving your pet a posh place to live, so you must love animals as much as we do. In that case, you’ll want to check out Fish & Bone. Whether you want to ask for advice on pet nutrition, learn how to protect paws from the elements or pick up a new puppy raincoat, owner Kathy Palmer and her staff are there for you.

There’s a reason Boston A-list voters picked Fish & Bone as Boston’s best pet supply shop two years running. Actually, there are plenty of reasons. And included among them are some truly great ones outlined in the blog post, “Top 10 reasons to vote for us,” crafted by the shop’s management.

Here’s a sampling:

  • #10: The foods we sell are so healthy, we’ve eaten them ourselves. We prefer them with condiments & a cold IPA, but we’d also eat them plain.
  •  #8: We donate thousands of dollars (almost $5,000 in the last 6 months!) to organizations you care about, like ARL of Greater Portland, ARL of Boston, Lilly’s Fund, The One Fund, Buddy Up, The Common Canine, & MSPCA.
  •  #6: We’re really interested when you chat with us about your pets’ BMs. (Honestly, we are!)

The list shows that the folks at Fish & Bone not only know dogs and cats, but they’re pretty darn caring — and funny, too. The kind of people you like calling your neighbor. So, if your pet prefers eating ostrich and fancies a fancy collar, she’s going to love this place. But we think it will be a favorite destination for even the down-to-earth-type furry friends.

Fish & Bone: 217 Newbury Street, 857-753-4176. Also be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter!