Get Around Town Using Kensington’s Enterprise CarShare

Get Around Town Using Kensington’s Enterprise CarShare

Being able to get around Boston with ease is of utmost importance for residents at The Kensington, which is why we offer the convenient Enterprise CarShare program.

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This program allows residents to reserve a car by the hour, use the car as needed, and return it — with no hassle! The Kensington participates in the program by having cars on-site in our community garage for our residents to reserve. After using the car, residents are able to return it to the same exact spot.

Besides the convenience of having the Enterprise CarShare program right at your home, the process of reserving a car is simple, too! Below are the easy steps to follow to reserve a vehicle:

  1. Log in to the Enterprise CarShare site on your phone, tablet or desktop computer. Once logged in, there will be a reservation page with available hours and locations. Select the car you want and how many hours you need it. If you need the car longer, you can extend the reservation if the car is available with a simple phone call.

  2. Arrive at your car and hold your membership card or fob over the windshield sensor. The system will recognize you and the car will unlock. The keys will be in the car.

  3. Simply return the car at the dedicated spot where you found it, so the next person can use it.

For more information on how the Enterprise CarShare program works and to become a member, visit their site here.