Out & About: Enjoying the Kennedy Greenway

Out & About: Enjoying the Kennedy Greenway

Running alongside Boston’s waterfront neighborhoods, close to the Kensington, is the beautifully landscaped stretch of parks and gardens that is the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway.

Completed in 2008 as part of the infamous “Big Dig” project, the Greenway is lined with plazas, promenades and artfully arranged seating areas. The rush of water fountains (in the warmer months) and carefully laid out borders of trees and shrubs make this space a lovely respite from the city, right in the very heart of it.

Pick up some pastries from the North End, or grab lunch from one of an assortment of food trucks, then scope out your spot and relish the moment. Catch up with a friend or catch up on work if you must (even the Wi-Fi is free) — whether you have 10 minutes to spend or an entire afternoon, the Greenway is bound to change your day for the better.

Events & Activities
Although the Greenway is there for you to enjoy any day of the week, there are special events and activities scheduled throughout the summer that make a trip even more worthwhile.

  • Get festive with Metro Boston Race Amity Day. The Wharf District Parks come alive the afternoon of Sunday, June 8, with international music offerings, games, visual arts and spoken-word performances and food from around the world.
  • Enjoy free live music with the Berklee Greenway Sessions. Held on Friday evenings in July and August, the sessions begin at six and feature all kinds of music from soul bands to solo guitarists.
  • Experience the arts with the Figment Boston Festival. This unique event showcases all kinds of local artists with everything from sculpture and installation to interactive games and workshops. Saturday, July 26, and Sunday, July 27.
  • Indulge yourself at the Boston Local Food Festival. On Sunday, Sept. 14, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Greenway is transformed for a free outdoor festival celebrating local farms, restaurants and fisheries with food, music and competitions.

The Greenway really is a gift that has surpassed expectations of even its earliest enthusiasts. With exciting events popping up all the time, keep an eye on the calendar for details on the latest happenings.