Emerson Hosts a Grand Parade

Fifty-three kaleidoscopic minutes of vibrant images, performance art, and a sincere dose of 20th century history, makes Emerson College’s The Grand Parade [of the 20th Century] a must-see event.

From April 30 through May 3, Emerson’s Paramount Center Mainstage will offer colorful insight into the life, work and imagination of Russian-Jewish artist Marc Chagall. Blending puppetry, dance, circus, and iconic imagery of Chagall’s paintings, The Grand Parade is truly a treat for the senses.

The show is produced by artist-run organization Double Edge Theater, who typically works out of a 105-acre former dairy farm in rural Ashland, MA. The Farm calls itself an International Center of Living Culture, hosting year-round theater performances, greening and farming initiatives, and meetings, all taking place amongst its picturesque hills, pastures, and gardens.

There’s nothing like this in town, and surely a dose of creativity is just what you need to spring alive!