5 Exotic Beans to Try at Jaho Coffee

5 Exotic Beans to Try at Jaho Coffee

Jaho, the local coffeehouse, is making their presence known in Downtown Boston, opening their third shop right at The Kensington; Joining existing Salem and South End locations.

Jaho will be serving fresh coffee in the morning, boasting on-site coffee roasting and brewing techniques including Japanese Siphon, Seraphim Single Brewer, Kyoto Iced Coffee, Pour-Overs, Chemex, French Press, Espresso and Nitro Ice Coffee.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Japanese and Scandinavian minimalist designed atmosphere will transform into an upscale wine bar when nighttime falls, where you can enjoy a selection of over 200 wines, as well as craft beer on draft.  Looking for the perfect end to your evening? Don’t hesitate to try Jaho’s artisanal small plates and desserts, either.

To fuel the start of your day, though, here are five coffee selections we will be sure to try.

  1. Guatemala Fraijanes Finga De Dios

Hailing from Guatemala, this is one coffee that you’ll be sure to like. This sweet coffee combines lime and citrus with little bits of chocolate and walnut finished off with smooth honey. With high-quality ingredients, this is sure to be the perfect blend for those early morning starts.

Price: $8.95/half pound

2.     Espresso Nero – Daterra Reserve

While the coffee beans come from Brazil, this Northern Italian espresso is sure to be a treat.Named the Daterra Reserve after coming from Brazil’s first sustainable coffee farm, it features a marzipan-like aroma, hints of dark chocolate and pepper.  It finishes with pleasant burnt caramel notes that you don’t get to enjoy with your average blend.

Price: $7.95/half pound

3.     Gemini

The thing about Jaho is that they offer coffee based on your horoscope. For anyone who is a Gemini, you’re in luck, as this happens to be a favorite among customers. Gemini features a blend of mango and black tea. For the ideal cup, Jaho recommends one tablespoon of Gemini with fresh hot water left standing for 3 to 4 minutes. If you prefer, finish it off with milk or honey.

Price: $8.00/2 oz.

4.     Kilimanjaro

Named after the highest peak in Africa, this coffee features a blend of three different African beans. Roasted to a medium-light level, this allows the delicious flavors to look appetizing and more importantly, taste amazing. On the palette you’ll get a bright cup of fruity berry-like aroma followed up by sweet citrus, grapefruit and raisin notes with a clean honey sweet finish. A definite must-try.

Price: $8.50/half pound

5.     Scarlet Espresso

The Scarlet Espresso coffee hails from three regions: South America, Africa and Indonesia. Many who have visited other Jaho locations will argue this is their best. Offering a sweet taste and intensely dark appearance, the Scarlet Espresso has spicy cocoa notes, blended perfectly with hazelnut, butterscotch and thick cream that hits your mouth with a gorgeous taste.

Price: $7.95/half pound


So there you have it. Five superb coffees among the many that are offered at the new Jaho at The Kensington. Watch this space for more updates on Downtown Boston lifestyle!