Fill Your Plate With Breakfast and Lunch at Archie’s Place, a Cafeteria-Style Eatery Near The Kensington

Archie’s Place is a casual restaurant located in the heart of downtown Boston, and it’s well known for its breakfast and lunch specials. Because it’s located in a downtown back alley it may be a little hard to find, but locals say it is a quiet place to go to enjoy an early morning breakfast of bacon, egg, cheese bagel or blueberry pancakes. Create your own omelet if you’re feeling creative, and be sure to imbibe in the never-ending cups of piping hot coffee.

For lunch and dinner, dine in or order your meal to go and you will likely find the line moves faster than some other fast-food chains in the area. Try a grilled salmon salad, or opt for some of the Mediterranean options on the menu like lamb shank, spinach pie, or a Greek salad. Bring an appetite, as huge plates are part of the deal at this cafeteria-style diner.

Archie’s Place
12 Pi Alley
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 723-3354