Boston Body Pilates Lengthens and Strengthens Muscles

The instructors at Boston Body Pilates are so confident in Joseph Pilate's techniques that they promise all clients they'll see real change in their bodies within 12 weeks, given that they commit to coming to at least two or three classes each week. That should be more than enough hard work to tone and shape areas of your body that other exercises simply haven't targeted.

That's really the point of each of the 50-minute classes at Boston Body Pilates. Its trainers create workouts that target problem areas, working muscle groups to the point of exhaustion. The result? Stronger, leaner muscles that can get the work done in class with relative ease—meaning it's time to advance to a harder class. Move from basic Pilates Mat classes to Pilates Equipment or Pilates Equipment Intermediate classes if you're looking for your next challenge.

Public Domain/Pixabay/jeviniya