Learn and Play at the Museum of Science

If you're fascinated by sharks but not too keen on getting underwater with them, Shark: A 4-D Experience is the next best thing. The Museum of Science hosts this immersive experience in its IMAX theater. The theater boasts the technology to create 3D images, so you can actually see sharks swimming in mid-air around you, but it doesn't stop there. The "4-D" special effects mean you can feel the ocean spray, smell the briny waves, and experience other tangible aspects of exploring the ocean waves.

The IMAX theater is just one component of the Museum of Science. Its many other exhibits focus on all different aspects of nature, engineering, and math. Check out the Butterfly Garden to encounter some colorful winged insects while they flutter between blooms. Meet Cliff, the resident triceratops skeleton that was uncovered in the Dakota Badlands. Then explore other exhibits like Innovative Engineers, Energized!, and Mathematica.