Follow the Clues to Escape the Room at Trapology Boston

Trapology Boston offers a unique type of bonding to any groups of friends who experience it together. Its unique escape rooms require everyone to work together, using their collective brain power (and sometimes physical prowess) to follow clues until they hear the click of a lock and break free.

Trapology Boston doesn't make it easy, though. It ranks each escape-the-room experience by the average rage of success, and the highest is 29%—meaning it's highly unlikely you'll be able to escape your room on the first try. That doesn't mean you should give up, though. Head to The Drunk Tank, where you've been locked up after a particularly rowdy Sox game and left to your own devices to escape for brunch. Check out The Retreat, a spooky camping trip where not everything is as it seems. Or experience The Hustler, in which you've attempted to best the bigwigs at a casino—and failed. Reserve your room and experience the heart-pumping fun at Trapology Boston.

Public Domain/Pixabay/siala