Try Unique “Pom” Workout Classes at Barre Groove

If you're looking for toned, elongated muscles, head to Barre Groove on Providence Street in the heart of Boston. As you can imagine, they have super-efficient barre classes that tone and sculpt your body like no other form of exercise — but it’s their pom, bounce, and hybrid classes where things get interesting.

Pom puts two glittery pom poms in your hands for you to shake, dance, and work up a serious sweat. Even more high energy are their bounce classes, in which each person gets a personal trampoline to jump their way to a heart-pumping workout. The hybrid class is a little bit of everything, and a great way to tone, sweat, and have a lot of fun. Barre Groove puts these unique classes all under one roof for a line-up like no other studio. New clients can give their classes a try with their two-class pack for $20, or a five-class pack for $40. From there, drop in rates, class packs, and unlimited monthly memberships are available.

Public Domain/Pixabay/StockSnap