Grab Brunch at Bootleg Special

Anyone who says booze and brunch doesn’t go together has clearly never spent a Saturday morning at Bootleg Special. The master mixologist rolls out a full roster of specialty cocktails for brunch, like the super sweet Blinker. It showcases a mix of Bird Dog Strawberry Whiskey, grapefruit, and mixed berry puree. If you want something that sparkles, try the French 75 with Genever Diep 9, prosecco, and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Of course, you can also go with chicory coffee, instead.

The list of brunch dishes is just as creative and varied as the libation menu. The chef crafts everything from the Bootleg Benedict with lobster, crab, and crawfish on top to simple bowls of TRIX or Lucky Charms with milk. You can also savor the signature souffle pancakes, which are exceptionally light and fluffy, or a beef tenderloin sandwich with an egg on top. A trio of mussels bowls rounds out the brunch menu at Bootleg Speical.