Grab a Glass of Natural Wine at Rebel Rebel

Tucked away in Somerville’s trendy Bow Market, Rebel Rebel is a wine lover’s paradise. The intimate wine bar opened its doors last fall with a contemporary and unique bar. Just behind it, you’ll see shelves and shelves cluttered with natural wines, all ready and waiting for you to take your pick.

Not sure how to pick a bottle from the huge lineup? Just ask one of the bartenders. They’re each well-versed in the specific nuances of each vino, and they can easily help you select one that suits your tastes. In addition to the vino, Rebel Rebel offers a handful of snacks. Order a round of olives or an artisan cheese plate to complement your pour. The bar is cozy, with about 20 seats inside (and 20 outside for warmer days), so arrive early to snag a spot.