The Museum of Science: Learn More About Yourself and the World

A butterfly garden, life-sized models of dinosaurs and even a planetarium — these are all part of the Museum of Science in Boston. Appropriate for both kids and adults, the museum offers more than 700 interactive exhibits designed to make science accessible to all.

One of the most talked-about permanent exhibits is the Hall of Human Life, which opened in 2013. The idea behind it is to explain the connection between human biology, the environment, and medicine. Visitors get a bracelet with a bar code that they can scan at each of the 15 stations and can obtain actual data about themselves and compare it to others, like how many calories you burn when walking and how long your earlobes are. Another notable aspect of the museum is a live presentation about lightning. A generator produces actual indoor lightning, which sparks a discussion about electricity and magnetism.

 Museum of Science