Savor Indian Fusion Fare at Vaanga

The chef at Vaanga takes classic Indian cuisine and creates international mash-ups with inspiration from American, Mexican, and other global kitchens. For instance, its “bae-rito” bowls combine your standard burrito bowl with unique Indian ingredients, such as chicken and paneer, lamb, or spicy chicken.

Since it debuted a few weeks ago, Vaanga has quickly garnered attention from local eaters. The menu offers so much variety that you could try something different every time you visit. For instance, it boasts more than 100 types of dosa or Indian crepes. Order the Superstar dosai packed with spiced potato masala and onion or the Vanakkam vada topped with coconut chutney. The menu also encompasses many different curries, tandoor-baked entrees, and biryani dishes. Complement your meal with a sweet mango lassi yogurt drink or sweet rose milk.