Bring a Love for Fried Fritters to the Boston Donut Fest

Anyone with a sweet tooth should mark their calendar for the Boston Donut Fest on Sunday, July 28th. The festival will feature more than 15 of New England’s top doughnut shops, from big names to smaller businesses. Come to Underground at Ink Block from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. to taste-test the sweet treats.

Along with the variety of doughnuts, the vendors will also be serving up iced coffee and other frosty drinks to complement the treats. You can also opt for ice cream instead or grab a savory bite to eat. Then enjoy the DJs and live music, snap a selfie in front of an Instagram-ready backdrop, or enter one of the giveaways to go home with some doughnut-themed swag. Admission to the Boston Donut Fest starts at $12.