Explore the Many Exhibits at the New England Aquarium

From the New England Aquarium, you can actually see out across the sparkling waters of the Atlantic Ocean. From that point of view, the sea is an enigma—an ebbing and flowing world full of hidden flora and fauna. But once you step inside the aquarium, the veil is pulled back and you’re able to get up close and personal with the ocean’s plant and animal residents.

Not all of them are natives of the Atlantic, however. For instance, the Indo-Pacific Coral Reef exhibit is home to fish, sea turtles, and sharks who usually reside halfway around the world. But the 9,000-gallon tank promises plenty of room for them to roam, complete with its own underwater “rainforest” that features bright, beautiful plants. It’s right across from the Giant Ocean Tank, home to the aquarium’s famous Myrtle the sea turtle and many other ocean critters. Start at these exhibits and make your way through the rest of the aquarium to see everything from sharks to penguins.