Grab a Quick, Veggie-Based Lunch at Clover Food Lab

It’s almost impossible to get bored with the menu at Clover Food Lab. Founder Ayr Muir is constantly updating it with new plant-based dishes—often with some inspiration from the community. He holds regular open forums with his customers where they can chime in about the things they’d like to see on his vegetarian menu, and he often obliges.

Although the menu is constantly evolving, you can always expect a solid selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner eats—sans the meat—at Clover Food Lab. And since a new location just opened up near you, it’s easy to stop by to grab a bite. For breakfast, try the Local Roots breakfast bowl loaded with local ingredients, including smashed potatoes, pink turnips, starburst radish, salsa, and a poached egg. Later in the day, dig into a barbecue seitan sandwich, a platter of “impossible” vegan meatballs, or chickpea fritters and a side salad.