Fridge Bare at The Kensington? Restock at Whole Foods

Whole Foods offers more than just a broad selection of top-notch groceries. You can also grab fully prepped meals from its three in-house eateries. Kikka Sushi Noodle House specializes in gourmet Asian cuisine, while The Fish Shack showcases prime seafood in creative preparations. Artisan coffee, freshly pressed juices, and gourmet sandwiches are also available.

But if you just need some basic grocery items from your list, come into the store or order them via Amazon Prime. Whole Foods boasts a selection of locally sourced items, including fresh fruits and veggies and shelf-stable stuff. It also always offers high-quality meats and seafood, fresh cheese and dairy, and even treats baked in-house. That’s all in addition to staples like pasta, canned goods, and snacks. This location also boasts a full selection of wine, beer, and spirits, as well as an Amazon Hub Locker where you can pick up online orders quickly.