Dog Treats Are Made From Scratch at Polkadog Bakery

Cod skins. Haddock skins. Chicken strip jerky. These might not sound particularly appetizing to you, but to your pooch, they’re the perfect treats. Polkadog Bakery makes these special treats from scratch. And in these unprecedented times, you have a few ways to get them safely. You can order them for delivery, order online and pick them up the next day, or stop in at the store to snag some.

Regardless of how you grab the goodies, rest assured that the staff at Polkadog Bakery is taking every precaution to keep their store clean and reduce the amount of contact with customers. And they don’t just sell treats! Polkadog Bakery boasts a full inventory of pet supplies, from dried and canned dog food to kitty litter. They even offer chic summer accessories for your pets—like colorful cooling bandanas (just add cold water).